Power engineering

Years of experience in power grids construction made us experts of this industry. We offer a full range of highly specialized work in the urban and rural field of power engineering including assembly and restoration of overhead power lines and cable lines with nominal voltages up to 400 kV.

Our offer in power engineering includes:

  • assemblyand restoration of overhead power lines and cables with different nominal voltages,
  • construction of transformer stations of all types (indoor and outdoor),
  • construction of the lighting of roads, streets and squares,
  • modernization of the existing power supply systems of any buildings.

The Company employs brigades of wiremen, who are experienced electricians, competent to perform tasks involving work with high voltage equipment.

Our engineers and technicians are highly qualified to work on product design and construction. They also have “E” and “D” certificates. The evidence for their numerous competences are certificates from completed courses which are further mirrored by the high standard of the work done by our staff. This theoretical knowledge is complemented by many years of experience gained by working on major power investments across Poland.