Company’s design studio is equipped with modern software and hardware as well as equipment for plotting, scanning, copying and printing large formats. The studio offers designing as following:

  • overhead and cable lines HV 110 kV, 15 kV medium voltage and low voltage of 0.4 kV,
  • fiber optic telecommunication lines on the foundation of overhead power lines HV, MV and LV (ADSS, OPGW),
  • 110/30/15 kV switching station,
  • pole and indoor transformer stations 15 / 0.4 kV,
  • switches controlled by radio in SN power lines,
  • security systems, control and telemetrics in electricity grids,
  • street and outdoor lighting,
  • overhead lines, buried copper and fiber optic telecommunications.

All projects are managed by the experienced engineers who are qualifed for designing and managing construction works in the area of networks, electrical, power and wired telecommunication systems with accompanying infrastructure.