Steel structures

We produce steel structures and steel components for industrial halls as well as for manufacturing plants, powerhouses, waste to energy power plants, paper mills, warehouses, public buildings, sports facilities, sheds, towers, bridges.

Our offer in steel structures includes:

  • main and secondary steel structures of buildings, halls, warehouses etc.
  • catalytic reactors, ducts, silos, conveyors,
  • trestle bridges, ladders, railings, gratings,
  • masts, towers,
  • flyover, ladders, railings,
  • support structure of equipment and un-typical welded constructions,
  • steel structures of road and rail bridges,
  • footbridges,
  • constructions for the power lines LV and MV power lines,
  • support structures of catenary wires (for use on PKP and PKP PLK {Polish State Railways} lines),
  • different steel elements dedicated to the petrochemical industry and the energy sector.

Over the years our technical staff has gained experience and necessary qualifications in the production of steel structures (according to EN 1090-1 and EN 3834-2 norms). Moreover, ELMO S.A. has at its disposal of the equipment necessary to cut (including plasma cutting), weld (including performing girders) as well as for machining, forged and thermal treatment. For the purposes of production our company is in possesion of a 1600m2 hall and cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 tons each. We are able to produce particular steel structure elements up to 10 tons of weight.


Within our proffessional services we also offer assembly of steel structures – in Poland as well as in other European states.

ELMO S.A. makes construction installations in the following industrial sectors:

  • energy,
  • enviromental protection
  • chemistry,
  • petrochemistry,
  • trade,
  • food industry.

Our employees posses the necessary certifications and vocational qualications required for assembly work in Europe.

We strongly emphasise the importance of completing the work in compliance with the health and safety regulations

In case of working in confined areas wih limited access we offer services performed by certified employees (IRATA system) work in rope access.