District vehicle control station


Monday to Friday: 7am to 7pm

Saturday: 8am to 1pm

Vehicle control station located in Żelków-Kolonia (near Siedlce) carries out periodical technical inspections of all road vehicles: cars, trucks, buses, tractors and ballast, vehicles authorized for international carriage (TIR), vehicles designed to tow trailers (vehicles up to 3,5 t GVM), special vehicles and specialized trucks, emergency vehicles, “SAM” vehicles, antique vehicles, taxis (passenger and baggage), vehicles adapted for driving lessons or examining candidates for drivers, trailers, semi-trailers, tractors and motorcycles.

Additional maintenance of all kinds and types of vehicles offered by the control station:

  • directed to survey by the traffic control,
  • directed to survey by the departments of communication after changing the facual condition requiring technical changes in the registration,
  • after accidents, collisions,
  • after an installation of gas supply equipment,
  • carrying hazardous materials
  • first technical inspection of vehicles imported from abroad and vehicles withdrawn from traffic and submitted for re-registration,
  • execution of body number, chassis, engine, license plate replacement.

The vehicle inspection station specializes in diagnostics including the measurement and adjustment of lights, checking the effectiveness of shock absorbers, exhaust analysis of cars run on petrol, measuring smoke in vehicles with diesel engines, checking the permeability of light in the windows, the efficiency of brakes and the condition of the suspension. The vehicle inspection station is equipped with a computerized technical research system, which guarantees the accuracy of the performed diagnosis and limits the duration of the technical inspection to a necessary minimum